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Our business is successful because of the support of our clients. Please feel free to read what some of them have to say about our services!

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"We are so grateful to have found Painted Hilltop! The girls were kind and reassuring. They have a natural way of teaching that lead my son to discover his joy and confidence with the horses. We loved that he was taught about animal care and respect for the animals, and you can tell they are all loved and well cared for. We are excited to return for future lessons and look forward to enrolling our younger children in the future."

One work to describe our service: Welcoming

— A, Holmes

"We always love driving up the windy, bumpy road that leads to Painted Hilltop Farm. Charlotte has a passion for horses and it shows through her teaching. Her horses always look like they're in good condition and she never pushes a rider past where they feel comfortable. Learning the basics is so important and I like how she focuses on these skills before moving a rider to the next skill (i.e canter or jumping). I have confidence in her as a coach and know she always has my children's safety as her first priority. We love attending lessons and camps." 

One word to describe our services: fun

— R, Corrigan

"My girls have been riding at Painted Hilltop for a few years now. Both of my children have blossomed with the help and guidance of Charlotte and Emily. The structure of the classes allow both of my children to be challenged, yet nurtured. The school horses are amazing. They are calm, respectful, kind and extremely patient. We love going to the barn!"

One word to describe our services - Excellent 

— L, Cuddihy

"I am so thrilled to have my daughter riding at Painted Hilltop Farm. Being a first time rider, Paisley was excited yet very nervous to be near a horse. The instructors stayed within her comfort zone and once comfortable, Paisley was challenged and more than willing to stepout. The confidence tha was quickly built was incredible. She was so proud of herself (as was I) and has been eager to return."

One word to describe our services: incredible 

— K, Stanley

"Janneke started her riding lessons this past spring and she has loved it. Her sunday morning lesson is the highlight of her week and the thing that brings her most joy. Charlotte and Emily are amazing at what they do and their way of teaching is wonderful. Even the most quiet, introvert they will get to smile, laugh, and even talk. I will recommend Painted Hilltop to everyone that is looking for lessons."

One work to describe our service: Heartwarming

— L, Pickard

"My daughter recently started riding with Painted Hilltop. We both like the small lesson size providing lots of individual attention for a beginner rider. Charlotte works with my daughter at a pace that challenges her but also ensures she is comfortable and building confidence. My daughter can't wait to get back and check out their new facility!"

One word to describe our services: Professional

— J, Enright

"We decided to take our Granddaughter to Painted Hilltop because my husband Luc and his late with Cathy operated Lucca Equestrian Centre for over 20 years, and Charlotte was one of the best riders there. We like that Charlotte is a qualified and experienced teacher. She has very good school horses. Our granddaughter loves riding at Painted Hilltop and we highly recommend it. Cathy would be proud."

One word to describe our services - Professional

— J, Lapointe

"Painted Hilltop is Amazing! Charlotte was so patient with my daughter, she was just shy of 3 years old and she helped her to get comfortable with the horses by brushing them. She was able to lead the horse and ride, it was such an exciting, positive experience for our whole family. Thank you so much!"

One word to describe our services: Excellent

— S, Belsher

"My daughter has loved both the camps and weekly lessons. She not only loves riding but the friendly and committed staff."

One work to describe our service: 5 Star

— A, Belanger

"Two years ago my daughter asked if she could start horseback riding. After reading about Painted Hilltop in the local Equity, we decided to "Check it out". We were very impressed from the moment we met Charlotte & Emily, their knowledge and passion for horses and teaching skills are amazing. We highly recommend to many, the services they offer."

One word to describe our services: Outstanding

— S, Mohr

"Painted Hilltop has provided my son with the most amazing memories. The staff go above and beyond to ensure every rider has the best experience possible. Not only do they facilitate and nurture a love of horses and riding, but i've seen my son's confidence and compassion grow as he's continued his lessons at Painted Hilltop. Would highly recommend."

One word to describe our services - Exceptional

— T, Poole

"My daughter is an experienced rider, but needed some confidence boosting. Riding with Charlotte, brought the spark back in her eye and smile on her face while she was on horseback. She, and Emily, were able to bring her out of her shell and get her back to her happy place. We're so pleased, we've moved our horse to their facility."

One word to describe our services: Supportive

— J, Davies

"Our experience at Painted Hilltop has been amazing! We enrolled our two daughters (6 and 11) in a beginners class and they absolutely LOVED it! Charlotte, the owner and her sister, Emily are super friendly and just great with kids. Our daughters just love them. Even though we live about an hour away, it is absolutely worth the drive. I highly recommend Painted Hilltop!"

One work to describe our service: Excellent

— N, Proulx

"The horse camp my three children (11yrs, 9yrs & 7 yrs) participated in this summer was fantastic! Each of them were able to have an experience in their own way and came home with great memories. They learned how to be confident and caring with horses and use life skills they learned from camp at home. They always felt safe and heard during their activities and there's no question they would go back in a heartbeat"

One work to describe our service: Satisfaction

— D, Tremblay

"When we contacted Charlotte for lessons we knew we were looking for something special. We needed something that would not only focus on excellent skills but that would put the needs of our child first. That would encourage calm and assist him with overcoming sensory issues in a larger way than OT has ever been able to for him. What we found has been just that. Charlotte and Emily have gone out of their way to challenge our son while giving him the time of his life. He needed a dynamic experience where he was doing more than one thing at a time and all of it was a challenge. They have provided just that specifically tailored to him and how he’s

Doing that week. From obstacle courses,puzzles, stretches, focus activities to bareback riding, specific listening skills and a points system aimed at reward and encouraging him to be his best self we have found everything we could have wanted and needed. We will be riding at Painted Hilltop for a long time if they’ll have us! Our son struggles with different aspects of sensory input and output and consistently comes home calm and focussed with a large difference in how our day plays out after each lesson. I can’t say enough about the excellent experience we’ve had, our son has had and the changes we’ve seen in his skills and confidence in himself as the summer has progressed 😊 We would highly recommend Painted Hilltop to anyone looking to enhance or add to their child’s skills and confidence in themselves."

One work to describe our service: Satisfaction

— K, Laporte

"My daughter Julia has been riding at Painted Hilltop for 5 years. First in their amazing summer camps and then on to weekly lessons. Julia loves horses and being at Painted Hilltop. Cash is Julia's favourite, she has really grown as a rider, riding him. Charlotte along with her sister Emily have given Julia so much confidence as a rider. Not only are these ladies amazing and compassionate coaches and mentors they are also like older sisters. Painted Hilltop is not just a riding stable it is family who cares and loves their horses and all of their riders. We are so excited to see what this year will bring!"

One work to describe our service: Amazing

— W, Moore

"My girls having been attending the 2 day summer camp for at least 3 years now. They love the caring staff, the calm horses and the daily arts and crafts."

One work to describe our service: Caring

— L, Sauriol

"Our twin daughters have been participating in the Painted Hilltop Farm two-day camp for two years now and they absolutely loved their experience! It's the only camp that they want to redo every year. Charlotte and her team are super sweet and provide the kids with just the right amount of combination of horseback riding, craft making and lessons on how to care for the horses. The horses themselves are calm and super well behaved which our girls really appreciated!"

One work to describe our service:
Top notch and professional!

— C, Lemay

"My EAL experience at Painted Hilltop exceeded my expectations. Charlotte and Emily warmly and expertly guided our session making it welcoming and fun! Working with their gentle, approachable horses was such a gift. They truly were our teachers. I learned more about my communication and leadership style and where my strengths and challenges are. I will be back. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to support their personal growth and well-being."

One work to describe our service:

— S, Dubeau

"This program was not only a fun way to spend a Sunday morning, but also one that allowed me to open my eyes to barriers I had built for myself and let me pull them down in a safe environment. The horses were a quiet sense of peace and a comfort when things felt like they were overwhelming. Charlotte and Emily were fantastic guides, helping while asking questions that led you to reflect to find the answers. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for a way to empower themselves."

- D, Paquette

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