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Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is a professional approach that includes horses in experiential learning exercises. Facilitators observe non-verbal communication between horses and their team members (you), to encourage the attainable outcomes.

This hands on learning approach is proven to encourage understanding of learned skills and improve your mental health



While EAL has the ability to take an individual through a powerful journey of learning. The learning can't be obtained without the horses. 

Why Horses?

Horses have a sensitive nature, exceptional awareness of their surroundings, and the ability to recognize the difference between calm and non-threatening approaches. What makes them great teachers is their ability to distinguish between nervous and anxious energies. 


In their natural environment, strong leadership within the herd guarantees survival. Working together with teams, horses look for this leader; someone who is compassionate, clear, and confident - the same type of leader that people seek out.

Utilizing these same leadership principles, we can help groups use the natural instincts and energy of horses through carefully designed team building and leadership exercises. 


Equine Assisted Learning can help affect change in a professional 
environment, and in your personal life. 


• Anxiety  

• Bullying

• PTSD  

• Anger Management

• Conflict Resolution  

• Team & Confidence Building

• Leadership

• Cooperation

• Relationships & Personal Development

• Trust & Interpersonal Barriers

• Discovery


Armour of skills

6 Week Skill Building Program for children 8-18.

Helping our youth transform into strong leaders

Herd Program

Spend an hour with your child learning positive communication, understanding and respect

Date Night

Test and challenge each other to accomplish goals and grow closer together as a team.
Focus on communication, trust, and teamwork

Women's Empowerment

Working with women to regain control of their lives, and promote self discovery