Horseback riding Lessons

Are you or someone you know passionate about Riding?

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Due to COVID restrictions all lessons are only offered in Private and Semi Private Options.

Strict protocols are in place to ensure the safety of our riders and staff

Please contact us well in advance to be scheduled in for a lesson!

Join our lesson program and discover your love of horses in a fun and safe environment. We provide lessons to all levels and ages teaching grooming, tacking up and riding with emphasis on correct riding skill and progressive rider development.

Riding in a group allows for the chance to learn from and encourage other riders.

Group lessons are an hour in length and will never exceed 4 riders of similar skills and abilities. 

Single Lesson - $40

4 Lesson Package - $120


A private lesson allows for one-on-one teaching with a coach.

Private lessons are 45 minutes in length and are mandatory for first-time riders until they have learned the necessary skills to properly control a horse before joining a group lesson.

These lessons are also useful for riders working towards specific goals, as they have the coaches undivided attention. 

Single Lesson - $50 

4 Lesson Package - $140

Building Blocks - Tiny Riders

Tiny Riders is the opportunity for the little ones to take part in equine activities. Available to ages 3-8.

Lessons are only 40 minutes in length and will include a tack up or tack down. Time on the horse, leading and games. 

Single Lesson - $30

Lesson Package - $100

Adult Riding Lessons

Lessons take place weekdays, evenings, weekends, or during the day to accommodate busy days and work schedules. 

Lessons can be custom depending on what skills you would like to learn. Whether it be learning to brush, be more confident around them, or ride - there is something for everyone!

Group Lesson Package - $120

Private Lesson Package - $140

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