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Young Rider Horse Sense

Do you have a Tiny Rider in your life? 

Contact us for more information!

Our Tiny Tot Horse Sense Program provides students ages 5-7 with riding experiences through fun interactive games. 

Program runs from June to October
Horse Sense Program 

These 30 minute programs are designed to be fun, engaging, and hands on, while in a safe environment. 

Tiny Riders will learn:​

  • Proper grooming and leading​

  • Small class sizes (2 students) 

  • ​Quiet, Reliable, Well trained horses.​

  • Proper riding terminology 

  • Mounted games focusing on skills

These Tiny Tot Programs will take place twice a month. Students will spend 10 minutes on proper grooming and 20 minutes on the horse!

Cost: $90 per package of 2 lessons


Our Tiny Tot - Horse Sense programs allow students to learn at their own pace, as well as the proper skills to eventually care for their own equine friends!

Our Lesson horses allow our students to gain the confidence and experience needed to succeed in the future. 

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