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Armour of Skills Youth Program

Is there a youth in your life who'd benefit?

Pony Program

Improve focus and concentration in a positive, invigorating team-based environment that fosters a sense of belonging among peers. 

Working in groups, participants will learn how to naturally manage stress, emotions, and self-esteem while developing decision-making skills.

In our non-riding program, Our ponies and horses help your child improve their communication and focus, while learning leadership skills that will help them build confidence in their day to day life. 


Pony Program - After School Session

Our future leaders will work in teams to achieve and challenge goals.
Our exercises teach non-verbal communication, assertiveness,
and creativity, each week touching on a new skill. 

Week 1 - Healthy Relationships 

Week 2 - Teamwork 

Week 3 - Speak up 

Week 4 - Negotiation 

Our programs create experiences that help inspire our youth to reach their full potential. 

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