Equine Based Homeschooling Program

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Programs are available in distance or in person capacities. 

Choice of Equine Assisted Learning or Horseback Riding sessions for each program


Equine Assisted Learning is proven to help strengthen communication, trust, respect and self esteem

Program includes take home assignments and exercises. 

No horse experience necessary.

Program Information

Program Frequency: 1 ½ hours once a week for 6 weeks



  • Rider Science: Rider Health and a Healthy Horse 

  • Horse Biology 

  • Environmental Science: Horses and the ecosystem 

  • Horticulture: Horses and Pasture Management 



  • Economics of horse ownership 



  • Famous horses in history 



  • Horses in literature 

  • My horse tale 


Physical Education 

  • Horseback Riding 

  • Ground Work 

  • Physical Conditioning for better riding 


Social Studies 

  • Psychology: Herd Dynamics 

  • Geography: Horses around the world 

  • Anthropology: Horses, Humans, Domestication