Womens Empowerment

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Progress always begins where your comfort zone ends

- Unknown

​If the plan doesn't work, change the plan but never the goal!

This empowerment program enhances important life skills that are essential for women looking to grow or rebuild their lives.

The beautiful thing about horses is that they aren't concerned with our weight, clothing choices, political or spiritual views, they only care that we show the best version of ourselves. 

Become the best version of YOU

Our programs includes hands on sessions where no experience is needed to participate.
Our activities will focus on communication, self awareness and empowerment. 

Our biggest weakness is the fear of being judged, however, horses can offer you a judgement free experience.


Be brave enough to listen to their feedback – they will help create the nest version of you. 

Communication & Confidence

Problem Solving & Decision making

Trust & Positive Relationships

Reduce Stress & Encourage Trust