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Forget all the reasons why it won't work. and believe the one reason why it will..

Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations. The emotional impact of an unusual or urgent situation depends on the person's characteristics and experiences, their social and economic circumstances, and the availability of local resources. 

It is normal to feel anxious, sad, distressed, worried, confused, scared or angry when experiencing a situation such as COVID-19. 

This unique program is designed to help create resilience in the lives of those struggling from the affects of COVID or stress in general.

This form of experiential learning focuses on the future, and moving forward.
This program is beneficial to individuals as well as the families dealing with difficult life challenges.

Participants will learn or enhance skills such as: trust, confidence, leadership, communication, focus, self esteem, and so much more.

By visualizing life through the “eyes” of the horse, participants are able to develop new perspectives, understandings and challenge resolution, helping to develop self-confidence, self-awareness, communication skills, leadership skills, and relationships. The nature of the program enables participants to transfer their new knowledge and awareness into improved coping skills, and thought processing.

Overall, participants improve their self-care and resiliency within themselves, work and social aspects of life. 

At the end of each session - participants will receive a take home assignment to help further improve their resiliency. 

No horse experience required