Family Workshops

Ready for a new family tradition?

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Looking for a fun family activity?

Want to spend some time with your grand kids?


We didn't realize we were making memories we just knew we were having fun!

Come and enjoy a memory filled evening with your family.

Join us for an evening of horseplay and learn what makes your family work! Programs will be customized for a unique horse experience based on family objectives in a unique and unforgettable way.

EAL can help your family with:

  • Communication 

  • Trust Issues

  • Personal Development 

  • Conflict resolution 

  • Self-Discovery

Our horses help bring out each individual personality & open up the opportunity for communication, developing stronger bonds, and making healthy changes. 

Sessions are family themed that focus on things your family wants to work on! 

- Family goal setting
- Clear understanding

- Communication

- Adaptability

- Creative thinking
- Problem solving

- Groups effectiveness

- Negotiation 

Unique memories based on perception and emotions, judgment, trust and personal integrity.