Youth Skill Building Programs

Is there a youth in your life who'd benefit?

Given a horse, youth are challenged to be creative, innovative, and work together to overcome hurdles and achieve goals.

Our future leaders will work in teams to achieve and challenge goals that can be linked to experiences in school, home and in the community. Our exercises teach non-verbal communication, assertiveness, creative thinking, leadership, and confidence, helping them make it in their every day lives.

Each week, participants will join us for an hour and be faced with a new set of challenges where they will need to make a plan, communicate clearly and work together to be successful and achieve the given goal. 

All the exercises are done on the ground- there is no riding. That means no special equipment is required. Children need only to wear closed toed shoes and a bike helmet for safety.

Week 1 - Learn Confidence: Participants progress from shy interactions to confidently handling horses and challenging situations


Week 2 - Teamwork: Participants learn how to communicate as part of a team, taking leadership and follower roles. We then apply the learning to real life situations, such as school.


Week 3 - Responsibility:  Participants learn that everyone takes a turn clearing up a "code brown". These experiences are related to chores at home such as cleaning your room or putting away dishes.


Week 4 - Planning: Participants will learn to make a plan, assign team roles and communicate clearly to make this work.


Week 5 - Building Bonds: Participants gain confidence and self-esteem as they grow throughout the program


Week 6 - Engaging Learning: Participants learn to make positive changes within their lives

Our programs create experiences that help inspire our youth to reach their full potential throughout life. Today's youth face many social pressures and challenges that these programs can help them overcome. 

More Programs


Specifically designed for teens ages 13-18. 

This 6 week program teaches teamwork, leadership and communication that will help youth conquer their future endeavours.

School and Youth Group

This program will help kids build an abundance of life skills such as communication, problem solving, body language and personal boundaries.

These students will leave our program with a better mental and social wellbeing all thanks to the horses.

Girls Empowerment Program

Equine Assisted Learning has been proven to help individuals learn about themselves - how they think, act, their body language and emotional thoughts.

Girls who develop coping, and problem solving skills ultimately develop the strength to standup for themselves, and their ideas.

This program will help transform girls into confident women who excel in resiliency, self awareness, and confidence in all situations.