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Interested in a new approach for your business?

The experiences are unforgettable, and what they learn speaks for itself.

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In order to become a good leader, you first need to be able to lead yourself.

Provide the leaders in your group with the chance to enhance their management skills by working with their team and our herd of horses. 

Just like people, horses look to a leader who is confident, consistent, compassionate, and who communicates clearly.

In a herd, horses are looking for leadership within a strong functioning social structure - it is a matter of survival. When horses join your team, and before they can cooperate, they need to feel safe in order to accept leadership

Horses are honest, providing you with instant feedback. If there is a change that needs to be implemented, they'll let you know, rewarding you once you've made that change - Horses allow you to recognize qualities, you didn't know you had. 

Our programs have the ability to encourage change and creativity, improve performance and leadership, and empower growth

Our 3 programs combine theory and practical training to deliver a powerful and engaging experience, proven to develop growth, positive behaviours, and self awareness.

Using our horses, we will help your team recognize and build a stronger dynamic. Our programs encourage "Out of the box thinking" Enhancing productivity, communication and creativity. 

Program topics include:

  • Blind Spots 

  • Individual creativity 

  • Problem Solving

  • Identifying key strengths 

  • Group Communication

  • Leadership Styles

  • Understand Emotional Intelligence

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By the end of our programs, your team will leave with a stronger character, improved communication - allowing for everyone on the team to connect on a deeper level. 

Available in 3 hour, half day and full day options